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FIFA 22 Paris Saint Germain vs Monaco Ligue 1 Uber Eats Gameplay & Prediction on PS5 .
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Inland Premium 512GB SSD M.2 2280 NVMe 3.0
PowerSpec 550 Watt 80 Plus Bronze Power Supply
Corsair 275R ATX Mid-Tower Computer Case

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4 Mystery Writers to Remember – Bland, McBain, MacDonald and Seranella

Eleanor Taylor Bland wrote a police procedural involving an African-American police detective named Marti MacAlister and her small town Polish partner. Her stories take place in Lincoln Prairie, Illinois and are based on the town of Waukegan, a real suburb of Chicago where she lived. She began the series in the early 1990s, while working as an accountant. She died in 2010. I read the first book in the series back in 2003 and made a note to look up the rest of the series. Her books deal with racist and sexist issues. She is still on my list of books to read.

Perhaps the best-known writer of police procedurals was Ed McBain. His legal name was Evan Hunter, which he created from schools he had attended. His real name was Italian and he grew up in New York. One of his first jobs was as a teacher, which was the basis for his first important work, The Blackboard Jungle. It was later made into a movie. McBain/Hunter died of cancer in 2005. His 87th Precinct series was made into an early TV series and influenced many successful television police dramas. I’ve been discouraged from starting the series, because of the lengthy list of titles. I know that I did read several back in my teen years and enjoyed them. He is an important series writer to know, and I hope to tackle his prolific offerings in the future.

John D. MacDonald was just plain fun to read. I’ve read all of his Travis McGee books, some of them twice. McGee lived on a boat in Florida and was a salvage expert. For fifty percent of the take he would salvage or find what you were looking for. He got on his soapbox at times about issues of the day, especially the environment and developers in Florida. There is even a website with his pithy one-liners. His books give you an interesting perspective of the 1960s and 1970s, when MacDonald was in his forties and fifties. MacDonald wrote many non-series books, but you can tell the Travis McGee ones by the color in their titles. He influenced many writers of today, including Stephen King and Dean Koontz. He died in 1986.

Barbara Seranella created a sympathetic character in her Munch Mancini series. Trying to go straight after her addiction to heroin, she gets a job as an auto mechanic. She tries to stay away from the people, who were her friends during her non-sober days, but it isn’t easy. Seranella’s life paralleled her characters in many ways. She died in 2007 of liver disease, but her stories are very much alive and recommended.

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Art Collecting Tips for Profit and Pleasure (A Six-Part Series): Part 6 – Leaving a Legacy of Art


What a waste when wonderful collections of art are decimated upon the collector’s

demise! This happens all too often because of the lack of records and instructions

left behind concerning the art pieces.

Ignorance results in the art being relegated to a dusty and moldy storeroom or,

worse, being consigned to the trash. More conscientious ‘beneficiaries’ may give

away the pieces to thrift stores and charities. Commonly, haulers are summoned to

dispose of the pieces. Some shrewd haulers have learned to consult art dealers on

their ‘finds’, as they have discovered that there can be gold in dirt.

Imagine paying someone to take away priceless art! Sadly, this scenario is played

out year after year around the world, because too many art collectors fail to plan for

future owners of their art. Have you planned for posterity?

Who would you like your art collection to go to some day? A loved one? A charity? A

foundation? Or perhaps a museum? Who will be the beneficiary of your much-loved

and treasured art? If you don’t want your art pieces to fall into undesirable hands or

be destroyed, you’ll need to start keeping detailed records and make clear

provisions NOW.

The Importance Of Documentation

Some years ago, while clearing out my parents’ rambling old house which had just

been sold, I came across 10 glass beer mugs, stored away in a small musty

storeroom under the staircase. The mugs were plain and ordinary-looking, except

for a circular, thumbnail-sized design an inch below the rim. No documents

accompanied them.

For a moment, I contemplated keeping the mugs, as I thought they could serve

some practical use around my own home, although they were rather unattractive.

That moment passed very quickly, as I still had much clearing and packing to do.

After all, the mugs appeared very pedestrian. I knew that I could always get more

appealing-looking mugs whenever I wanted. So I left the mugs behind in the old

house. I don’t know if anyone ever took them before the demolition crew started

their work.

Less than a month later, there was a newspaper advertisement looking for beer

mugs just like the ones I had seen in my parents’ old house. The company which

had placed the ad was willing to pay $500 for each mug in good condition turned

in. Those 10 mugs I had left behind were practically in mint condition. I could have


From Treasure To Junk

Have you ever seen the sign «We buy junk and sell antiques»? While this may sound

humorous, there’s also a lot of poignancy and irony intermingled. Don’t let your art

treasures become junk. Do your utmost to ensure that they are treated with respect

and go where you wish them to go.

List Options And Directions

Whatever the size of your art collection, do provide a list of options and directions

to go with it. Besides the usual documentation which should accompany every item,

this should include the contact particulars of parties who can assist in the valuation,

sale or dispensation of the art pieces.

Choose Beneficiaries

Do also mention any parties you may like to give your art to. Remember, you may

know the subject and its market like the back of your hand, but others probably

won’t. Don’t leave your beneficiaries at the mercy of opportunists or others who

may not be able to appreciate the value of your art collection.

Provide Values

It’s a very good idea to include the insurance or replacement values of your art

pieces. You might even wish to provide suggested wholesale values, so your

beneficiaries will be more prepared should they decide to sell your art pieces.

Ideally, if you haven’t already begun, let the people closest to you understand the

importance of your art collection now. Once they develop a healthy respect for it,

the chances improve that your art collection will be in good hands and go where you

want it to go.

Be an artful collector – plan like a pro all the way.

Copyright © 2006 Carol Chua

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Antonio Conte has been like a hurricane at Tottenham – Ian Darke | ESPN FC

Antonio Conte has been like a hurricane at Tottenham – Ian Darke | ESPN FC
Ian Darke, Craig Burley and Shaka Hislop dissect Tottenham’s Carabao Cup win over West Ham and how much a trophy will mean to Antonio Conte’s side.

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3 Challenges to Consider When Offering a Webinar Series

For consultants, speakers and trainers who are used to delivering training programs that last a day or more, converting their content to a webinar format can be challenging. Webinars typically last one to two hours, which means that their programs must be broken into smaller chunks.

For some trainers and topics, it is easy to extract information to deliver in a standalone format. However, for others, the shorter format presents a challenge because the rest of the material is essential for participants’ success.

One approach to get around this challenge is to deliver your training via a series of webinars. Each event would last only an hour or so, but the entire series would deliver the full depth of your live training program.

If you take this approach to delivering webinars, the question you must consider is whether to require participation in the full series or whether you’ll allow participants to select which modules they would like to attend. There are pros and cons to each approach. If you require participation in the full series, consider the following factors.

The scheduling may not work for some participants. For most prospects, clearing their schedule for an hour to attend a single webinar is very workable. Clearing their schedule once a week for six weeks may be more challenging. If you opt for a series, be sure to allow registrants prompt access to webinar recordings, so they can make up any classes they miss.

The price may be too high. When compared to seminar tuition, the fees for most webinars are higher on a dollar-per-hour basis. The registration fee for a full-day seminar might cost a participant $295, but webinars delivering the same training might cost $95 or $195 per hour. The difference is that webinars are priced per connection, because many participants allow co-workers to watch the presentation.

To address this objection, play up the benefits of attending webinars – specifically that registrants can invite colleagues to participate for no additional charge and that they will be saving money that would normally be spent on travel and lodging if they attended a live event.

You may limit your sales. If you promote your series as starting on a specific date, be prepared for some prospects to inquire about joining in after the series starts. How will you handle these requests? If you close the doors once the series starts, you may miss out on revenue, especially if prospects are too impatient to wait until the next time you offer the series. Instead, consider giving late-comers access to the replays of webinars they have missed is an option.

Packaging your training as a webinar series is an excellent way to leverage your customers’ desire for virtual training. Use these tips to counteract your prospects’ potential objections, so you can maximize registrations and revenue.

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The Ballad of Tom Dooley by Sharyn McCrumb

For those of you who enjoyed Sharyn McCrumb’s ballad series, you are in for another aspect of life in Appalachia unlinked to her other works or characters. This time McCrumb takes you to the year 1866 to explore the real truth in the crime of the legendary Tom Dooley.

The Civil War has just ended. Tom Dula (Dooley’s real name) vows to take life easy after being released from a Union prison camp. He returns home to Wilkes County, North Carolina and continues to see his life long sweetheart, self-absorbed Ann Melton, who has since married in order to survive the hard times. In comes Pauline Foster, Ann’s cousin, who is the catalyst that brings about the demise of three people.

McCrumb combs period records, maps and trial transcripts to rewrite the myth of Tom Dooley in this fictionalized, but fact-based version of how Tom came to be tried and hung for the murder of a young woman. Even though few of the characters are sympathetic, McCrumb has a very readable style that engages the reader and makes the pages flow quickly. The fact that the story is based on the latest evidence makes it that much more compelling.

If you have an interest in how people create legends, in how to separate myth from truth or what life was like in the post-war South, then this is the book to read. Likewise, you might just be a fan of all things Appalachian. If that is the case, you won’t want to miss reading The Ballad of Tom Dooley.

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Transfer signing news: Chelsea agree 23-year-old striker impressing in Ligue 1 this season

According to CalcioMercato (h/t Shields Gazette), Clermont Foot striker Mohamed Bayo is a subject of interest for Chelsea.

The 23-year-old has started his Ligue 1 career with a strong showing in the nine games he has played. The striker has scored five goals and provided two assists in that time.

Last season, he had a goal contribution of 22 goals and seven assists in 38 matches in Ligue 2. His output helped Clermont to reach the top division for the first time in their history.

The forward has also attracted interest from Brighton & Hove Albion, who joins Thomas Tuchel’s side in the race. West Ham United are also said to be keeping tabs on the Guinean international.

The Sun claimed earlier this month that the French club have valued the Guinean striker to be around £10million. Considering our signings in the recent past, this would not be the most expensive deal we negotiate- granted the club actually wants to bring the striker to Stamford Bridge.

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Cricket New Normal: England Triumph In Closed-Door Tests!

Cricket in COVID-19 times started in England from the 8th of July 2020 in empty stadiums and with the strictest of norms and measures. The first 3-Test Series since the outbreak of the pandemic was played against the visiting West Indies. The visitors won the first test by 4 wickets on the fifth and last day of the closely fought encounter. However, the hosts came back stronger in the second and the third test matches, winning the second match by 113 runs and then routing the unpredictable, as ever, West Indies by 269 runs in the concluding match, thus winning the Test Series 2-1. In Test cricket, English seamer Stuart Broad became the 2nd seam bowler from England, the fourth fast bowler of the world and the seventh bowler overall of the world, to capture 500 wickets in the last encounter that concluded on the 28th of July 2020. Pity, no home supporters or any other supporters were there to cheer him and the team win! The most promising aspect of the New Normal Cricket was that no health-related issues daunted the efforts. And, cricket in empty stadiums continued.

Next came the team of Pakistan for a 3-match Test Series and a 3-match T20I Series against the hosts England. The first test match between England and Pakistan was played from the 5th of August, and England, keeping up the winning streak, won the match by 3 wickets. The match, played at the Emirates Old Trafford ground in Manchester, was a cliffhanger, and England managed eventually to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat on the final day, the hosts going 1-0 up in the series. Rains and bad light continuously interrupted proceedings of the second test at the Rose Bowl in Southampton, allowing only 150 overs to be bowled overall, and the match ended in a frustrating draw for both teams, particularly for Pakistan smarting under the shock defeat in the first match. The third and the final match of the series, a much-awaited showdown, started from 21st August 2020 at the same venue. England sealed the deal by putting up a mammoth score of 583 for 8 declared, and then going on to rout Pakistan for 273 in the first innings forcing them to follow on. Thanks to rain interruptions England could not go on to win, and Pakistan saved the match at 187 for 4 wickets. However, history was created in that Test match.

38-year-old English fast bowling stalwart, James Anderson, took his 29th five-wicket haul in Pakistan’s first innings and then captured two more scalps in the second innings to complete a record-breaking 600 wickets. The right-arm fast bowler became the first pace-bowler in international Test cricket to achieve the feat of 600 wickets leaving Glen McGrath of Australia in the second place with 563 scalps, and the fourth bowler overall, Sri Lanka’s Muralitharan sitting at the top with incredible 800 wickets, followed by Australia’s SK Warne with 708 in the second position and India’s Anil Kumble with 619 wickets in the third position. James Anderson made his ODI debut in 2002 and earned a place in the 2003 ICC World Cup squad, and he stamped his mark in international cricket. His Test debut came in 2003, and from then onward he played in 156 test matches for England till history was made on the 25th of August 2020. The tall pacer has often been criticized as ‘English-conditions-only’ seamer, and his career was interrupted often as he was either ‘rested’ or dropped due to external factors. However, he proved all his critics wrong, finally, and emerged as one of the finest bowlers of world cricket. Pity again, English fans or any other spectators could not be present at the Rose Bowl to cherish the historical moment. Anyway, the hosts won the series 1-0.

Pakistan is also scheduled to figure in a 3-match T20 international series against the hosts England. The first match on 28th of August, the second on 30th of August and the final match on 1st of September 2020.

Now to come in England’s archrivals Australia, for a 3-Match T20I Series and a 3-match ODI Series. The T20 matches will be played on the 4th, 6th and 8th of September while the one-day international matches are scheduled on the 11th, 13th and 16th of September 2020.

In a most likely extension of the New Normal Cricket India is set to begin their Tour of Australia 2020-21 from the month of October 2020. Cricket Australia has recently announced the full schedule of the matches between the two teams: the first of the 3-match T20I would take place on the 11th of October, followed by a 4-match Test Series from 3rd December and the 3-match ODI Series would begin from the 12th of January 2021. As per the discussion between the two Boards the second test starting from the 11th of December at the Adelaide Oval would be a day and night affair with the pink ball. Continue enjoying cricket from home!

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5 Great Benefits of Watching a TV Series

Most of us wait for our favorite TV shows, movies, and TV series to go on air. The role of movies is to help you relax, get away from your routine chores and spend some quality time with your friends and family. While watching a TV series, for instance, you may experience a variety of emotions. Comedy movies allow you to forget your worries for a while. Also, they give you the required energy to face the difficulties of this life. Given below are some major benefits of watching TV series.

1. Strengthens Family Bond

Many people watch a TV series just to spend some quality time with their family. You can also do so. All you need to do is sit with your partner and kids in front of your TV or computer and enjoy a Chinese series that you all love.

2. Relieves Stress

Nowadays, you can enjoy movies in more ways than one. And the good thing is that you don’t need to step out of your room either. Also, you can unwind and relax without spending a dime. Watching TV is a great opportunity to get rid of stress and have fun.

According to medical studies, tension is one of the leading causes of stress in our lives. If you don’t find a way to relieve stress, you can’t improve your mental health.

3. Lightens your Mood

Watching movies or Korean Drama allows you to laugh your heart out. Today, you can choose from a big collection of TV series online. And the good thing is that you can watch them on online streaming websites.

It will lighten your mood and encourage you to get the most out of your time. If you watch a good film with your friends, it can help you build memories and strengthen the bond with your friends.

4. Offers Encouragement

If you watch your favorite TV shows or movie, you can get the spark you need to keep moving. You can watch commoners change into great heroes, which encourages you to do good deeds in your real life as well. This is all that you need to do something good for society.

5. Boosts Awareness

Today’s TV series depict ethnicity, racism, psychology, economics, politics, and sociality. So, they allow you to learn a lot of things and you may experience a heightened sense of awareness.

If you are a youngster, you can develop your social skills, such as sharing, and problem-solving. If you experience new ideas and watch a lot of cultural differences, you can make new friends.

The Takeaway

In short, people are so busy with their routines and schedules. This is what makes them feel stressed. So, they don’t enjoy even the happy moments of their lives. IF you are one of them, we suggest that you try watching your favorite TV series.

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