European Classic: Liverpool 1-0 Club Brugge | Kenny retains the European Cup at Wembley

Relive the key moments from the 1978 European Cup final, as Kenny Dalglish’s delicate finish gave the Reds another European success against Ernst Happel’s Brugge.

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46 opiniones en “European Classic: Liverpool 1-0 Club Brugge | Kenny retains the European Cup at Wembley”

  1. Pool 6 UCL M.U. 3 UCL Chelsea & Forest 2 UCL…. Villa 1 UCL…. arsenal,city,spurs & everton…. thanks for trying

  2. I'm here cos the trophy has been won by an English team 14 times now after Chelsea beating Man City last night

  3. So i subscribe to the channel and am jus getting the notification while other people already commented 6 days ago. What a shame😕

  4. It feels good to see how much kenny has done for the club. Winning it on hone turf in London must of been really special, without him I wonder if Klopp would even be here. It makes you think!

  5. This together with 2017/18 kit are the best. I like it in this style with white v-line, whereas the manufracter and liverbird is in yellow

  6. This second European champions cup was more difficult to clinch than the one in rome the year before. Had to sweat until keegan's successor, daglish scored. Great player. Didn't make fans regret twice ballon d'or armthorpe boy

  7. Brian Moore's mispronunciation of Souness always makes me laugh. Not quite sure if: It was deliberate, he was just stupid and no-one had bothered to correct him… or he'd lost a bet and the mispronunciation was the forfeit. 🤔

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