Highlights: Liverpool 2-0 Porto | Thiago's thrilling strike in Anfield win

Watch all the key action from the Reds’ victory at Anfield, thanks to Thiago’s stunning half volley and Salah ‘s composed finish.

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37 opiniones en “Highlights: Liverpool 2-0 Porto | Thiago's thrilling strike in Anfield win”

  1. Salah IQ 1000 back heel to Hendo at 1:46 he point 👉 to Henderson to pass then that shoulder drop sent defender 😳 to shops never found he way back and BOOM 💥 😉 sharp goal

  2. Ma secondo vuà ha toccato per terra lo pallò su lo gol di thiago? Cardù dice de sci, io non so tanto convinto porcoddio

  3. I swear to god luis diaz is under a curse of some sorts, why does everyone ignore his amazing performances (that isnt from Colombia) cuz he is a gem

  4. Let me explain this, as a physicist. Actually, any fluid at high speed rotation behaves in a manner called turbulence. Turbulence is one of the biggest "misteries" of physics, not because it's a mistery itself, but because it is such a chaotic system that it's impossible to describe mathematically. However, there are a few insights on the matter and you can relate them to baseball throws: Thiago made the spinning of the ball so fast that the air itself actually lifted it.. it curved it upwards! When you hit a ball, it normally spins the opposite way or in the same way but with less rotational speed.

    What Thiago just did is so hard that even doing it with your hands (baseball) is considered hard. Respect.

  5. To the person who is reading this, don't give up on your YouTube channel, keep going, it's going to get better!!

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