HIGHLIGHTS: Portland Timbers vs. Austin FC | March 12, 2022

HIGHLIGHTS: Portland Timbers vs. Austin FC, 03/12/2022

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  1. Is the no-call on the handball in the box NOT a highlight? It had a massive impact on the result, it went to VAR, and it came back with a call that multiple commentators and analysts thought was going the other way. I'm not trying to say that the game comes down to one moment or that there would've been a goal if not for the handball or even that the call was wrong (I'm of the opinion that it was wrong … but not the point I'm trying to make here) – there were plenty of opportunities for both teams to push the game in either direction. But if I'm picking the top 10 moments of the game, that's definitely one of them.

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  3. The timbers are run by a disgusting man who allows sexual abuse to happen in his organization as long as the public doesn't find out.

    You should stop showing their hi-lights until you have completed your investigation and forced an ownership change in Portland.

  4. Portlands style is so damn ugly. Can’t stand their play. Mourinho ball. That Chará guy tho he’s a beast and a great player. Still can’t stand that team.

  5. Portland won because they had better conditioning. Gallagher probably chased down 3 Portland breakaways in the last 20 minutes and the Austin players were too tired to keep up or gain any real scoring threats. Should’ve been a handball or VAR look but still a good match. Ref was terrible.

  6. Portland Timbers whining about not being allowed to run out the clock by pretending to be fouled is the most pathetically on brand behavior I've seen in MLS for years.

  7. Neither if the timbers handballs made the highlights. Including the one that went to video review. But I guess that makes sense, because you couldn't show that clip and then have to justify why a penalty wasn't given

  8. I mean they pay off the wives of their players not to press charges on them. I'd bet they're willing to pay refs too.

  9. I was there tonight. Great atmosphere and yimmi came over and talked to us…him and Diego…great guys…great win go timber’s

  10. Curious why the recap doesn’t show the hand ball that should have been called. And was checked by VAR? Definitely feel like austin will get an apology statement from MLS this upcoming week

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