HIGHLIGHTS: New York Red Bulls vs. Minnesota United FC | March 13, 2022

HIGHLIGHTS: New York Red Bulls vs. Minnesota United FC, 03/13/2022

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20 opiniones en “HIGHLIGHTS: New York Red Bulls vs. Minnesota United FC | March 13, 2022”

  1. is it just me or has reynoso looked totally clueless and off-form these first 3 games? He seems to have lost his instincts, his shots have been weak, dribbling non-existent and he ends up the weaker one in challenges :

    But agree with all saying how good Arriaga and Hlongwane look. Hlongwane especially, that pace, oof!

  2. Unpopular opinion but I think Morgan was a little to greedy this game and chances could of be moved quicker if he just passed the ball, but then again after scoring a hat trick the game before I would be keeping the ball also.

  3. I love how there's no highlight of the handball by the MNUFC defender in the box in the second half that wasn't called.

  4. ARRIAGA has a heart of a striker, looks like his still trying to find he’s balance in the team. This young player has so much potential.

  5. Loons need tighter marking with a keeper like that…and stop walking out when you get possession. Keeper is unreal!

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