Wayne Rooney Transfer Chelsea?

Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney may be on his way out of Old Trafford. After Jose Mourinho’s £20M transfer request for Rooney, that was denied, Arsene Wenger appears to be in the running as well for his services. Will he stay with United and ride out a tense relationship with new manager David Moyes or leave for Chelsea or Arsenal?
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34 comentarios

  1. Iam agree with you about rooney but rbp also good player but not better than rooney.and we campare rooney with suarez because rooney is a passer, defender, shooter and goal scorer but suarez just good finisher, dribbler and especially an brilliant acter means half of the match he will be fall in the climbing like for free kick and penalties

  2. how easy it is to see that you dont have any damn idea about Wayne Rooney's skills……! go wash dishes instead……modric cant be compared with rooney….rvp is a shitty player who just cant be better tha rooney! COPE WIH THAT AT LAST! ROONEY IS THE BEST P.L. STRIKER AND RIGHT MIDFIELDER AND THERE IS AN UNPARALLELED DISTANCE BETWEEN ROONEY'S AND RVP'S SKILLS…..IN PES 2012 ROONEY HAS 95 AS A MIDFIELDER AND 92 AS A STRIKER WHILE RVP HAS A MERE 81 AS A STRIKER! THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!!!!

  3. Rooney you greedy overrated fat bastard 250,000 a week not enough for you? I thought that would have covered granny prostitutes and hair transplants easily

  4. est ce que cet merdier connait un ptit peu le football je ne pense pas.
    Quand à rooney cest mieux qu'il reste car avec jose beaucoup est demandé pour reuissir avec lui en pointe il faut etre un grand attaquant africains pour supporter tous ces sacrifice et abandonner ton poste pour jouer comme lui le veut exemple drogba etoo fils car à bien voir tous les autres grands attaquants quil a eu il na jamais eté satisfait de les jeux.
    torres,anelka,benzema,huguan,bien d'autre

  5. Who the fuck does the subtitles?? THEY ARE SHIT ! Pissed me of during the video… its A RIVAL, not ARRIVAL, ffs

  6. What is this guy on about do you even know what FOOTBALL is.

    Why would we ever consider our best player going when he is happy at Chelsea?

    Why would we give up Mata for age reasons he is 23 and keep Luiz who is 26.

  7. Hi. yes that's me, thanks. 😛

    Well, Utd should let Rooney go especially if he'll just be a squad player for them! He was a very good young player but has not fulfilled his potential to become a great world class player. He's not as good as he thinks he is. They should sell him and buy Modric instead.

  8. if that pic is you, you're not half bad looking sweety………Rooney wants to go and should be allowed to go. He is tired of ferguson's politics and now moyes. All the former did is play him out of position most of the time, drop him in cm and then leave him out of a crunch game against Real. But Man utd won't sell him to a rival and he doesn't want to go abroad, so he is forced to stay at man utd foranother season. Rooney is world class and the fickle fans need to respect him.

  9. For goodness sake Rooney, if he wants to come to chelsea club say so. If he want to stay at UTD, he should say so. rooney owns it to his team mates and the fans. This is becoming quite a bore.

  10. Rooney should go to Chelsea he will be a no-stopping! man up front with Lukaku, Ba or Torres he will be invincible!!!!!

  11. no barcelona they have messi and neymar either chelsea or BVB he would do nice with chelsea powerful mid or lewy in bvb

  12. Van Persie should go back to Arsenal, and Rooney should go back up front where he should be. But if he is leaving he should go to Arsenal, to stick it to Moyes. Or Bundesliga

  13. He hardly scores? You may check your facts. From 2004-2013 in United and for England Wayne Rooney scored 225 goals. He also got 107 assists.

    He played 430 games which means he has a goal ratio of 0,52 every match.
    About the assists he have an assist ratio of 0,25 every match.

    RVP from 2004-2013 in Arsenal, United and for Netherlands he scored 191 goals and got 70 assists.

    He played 307 matches which means he got an goal ratio of 0,62 every match.
    RVP's assist ratio is 0,23 every match.

  14. if he were to go to chelsea and win the prem and get more goals then rvp lol and give him a chance and he would not go to baraclona then he would be a bigger bench warmer and the same with real madrid while they are trying to buy bale, and bayern no because mario gomez and ribery and arjen robben and not psg or monaco because of cavani and falcao so chelsea he should go to.

  15. i agree rvp came ruined his career rooney main man at man u then rvp came rooney is a great player and we need a good forward he would be very good at the bridge

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