93:20 | THE ULTIMATE PREMIER LEAGUE FINALE | Full Length Documentary Feature Film!

A documentary celebrating the 10th anniversary of Manchester City’s maiden Premier League triumph and the iconic 93:20 goal from Sergio Aguero that sealed it is now available to watch.

93:20 | The ultimate Premier League finale provides the definitive account of an end of season run in like no other.

Having led the Premier League for much of the 2011/12 season, City’s form suddenly collapsed and with six matches left to play, we trailed Manchester United by eight points.

A 1-0 defeat away at Arsenal appeared to signal the end of Roberto Mancini’s side’s title hopes, but what followed was the most dramatic end to a Premier League season in history.

City won all six matches to take the trophy on goal difference, with Aguero’s goal against Queens Park Rangers deep into injury time on the final day sealing the Club’s first league title in 44 years.

Aguero’s strike remains an iconic moment, one which has transcended football and entered the pantheon of great sporting occasions.

Now, the latest offering from City Studios charts those remarkable final weeks of the season in epic detail, with contributions from the likes of Khaldoon Al Mubarak, Roberto Mancini, Carlos Tevez, Mario Balotelli and Aguero himself.

This is the story of the ultimate Premier League finale told by those who made it happen.


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  1. We hope you love this film, we put everything we had into it, and we're really proud of it!

    But once you've sat down to enjoy – let us know what your favourite thing about it was?! ?

  2. Respect but you know it's not right to break the fair play rules when it comes to finances all the time, football is not for sale guys, come on. Do it the right way for the Maine Road faithful. It's never too late to return to your roots and get it right for the fans.

  3. After years of plying and watching football I just realized how a chairman of a club can be an influences character who can make a revolution. After that defeat to Arsenal, Man city was 8 point behind and only 6 games to play. Then this guy Khaldoon the chairman walks into the dressing room and tells the one of the greatest ever coach that forget today and you will win all your remaining matches and the title as well….. What's going on her!!! How did he know!!!!!!
    I swear this khaldon have never have played for any national team or any professional club.
    I really Admired him
    Now I know why Man city is what it is. Am just comparing him to our Glazers

  4. Can never forget this day, one of my most memorable football season finale. I went wild when Aguero scored that third goal.

  5. Managers, Coaches, Fitness, Data, and Psychotherapy Staff should earn as a unit no less than what the entire playing squad does collectively, to posit.

    In the case of my preferred team which I've followed since 1999 when we were positively broke yet still a most ardently supported team, Josep Guardiola's packet should be at least 7× that of the highest earning player, in my humble opinion.

    Why 7×? It's the maximum number of available trophies per Season being Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup, Carabao Cup, Community Shield, UEFA Super Cup, and Club World Cup — rightly expected, his targets (read as: fuel for the tank – no sabbaticals yet).

    If we estimate that (circa 2023-2024) to work out to 30 players across a First 11, Second 11, and Tertiary 11 (comprising mostly Academy/Returning Senior players for minor Cups) @ avg. £200k per week each, that's £6m weekly — Pep earning £3m, his 25-odd man Staff collectively catching the other half (£60k to £180k each range, for structure) — those numbers also guiding average player earnings, so engendering greater respect for Staff, with the few highest valued players being on less than £425k weekly.

    Above is my attempt at rudimentary financial analytics, to rationalise an effective dependable wage structure for indeed all EPL teams that can be scaled to budget of finances. The idea being that financially troubled to smaller, newly promoted teams can be expected to reference more modest average player wage budgets and squad sizes, but at similar relative ratios.

    Hey… at least I put thought and time to it. Whadaya thunk?

  6. The fact that pep said he cannot replace him (aguero) but then the following transfer window get haaland and replaced their hero stricker puts man City Into perfect perspective into how poorly they treat their world star players, small club mentality

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