Why You Should Be Watching Marseille

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Olympique Marseille are currently managed by Jorge Sampaoli, former Chile manager, and self-professed ‘disciple of Marcelo Bielsa’.

So with Marseille this season expect an exciting, tactically fascinating style of football. And as Alex Stewart explains, the entertainment might not always be in Marseille’s favour.

Illustrated by Henry Cooke.

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33 comentarios

  1. Another important point is the positional switching that they do with the midfield. Guendouzi will show up both on the right or left of the midfield during a match and that switiching of positions is intersting

  2. Why You Should Be Watching Marseille ?? Because it was the best club in the late 80's , early 90's . The team from 1991 was probably one of the greatest ever !!! Stojkovic ,Cantona , Tigana , abedi Pelé , Papin, Waddle , carlos Mozer ,ect ,ect

  3. Must be nice to discuss manager's tactics. Maybe one day me and my united brethren will be able to do this for our manager.

  4. 5:33 "brilliant in attack, vulnerable in defence and capable of throwing away a lead"

    When I hear that I could only imagine one guy: Bielsa

  5. Real arsenal fans know how good Guendouzi is, under Emery he was great. This "attitude problem" is a myth cus if thats the case why is he starting every game for Marseille and getting selected for France hardest team in Decades all after leaving Arsenal. NO team, Marseille or France would play you every game or call you up if you have "Attitude Problems". Arteta awful coach, rubbish man manager as well

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