What is next for Harry Kane? | Champions League | UCL on CBS Sports

After another trophy-less season for Tottenham, will Harry Kane move on from Spurs?

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  1. Another ten years at Spurs, playing every single minute of every single game, with only golden boots and made up records to show for it

  2. Hes played in the final of the champions league, european championships… hes played the finals… short memory

  3. So go Bayern win trophies and potentially the big ears

    Or stay at United and get prem record

    What you guys choosing?

  4. Kane has to decide whether he wants to be thropyless Steven Gerard staying put in Lepool or Robin Van Persie & Mich Owen who came to Man Utd to win EPL n other championships.

  5. Teddy Sheringham was trophyless at 31 when he moved to Man Utd. 4 years later when he left he had won 3 Premierships in a row, a treble & also the player of the year in his final season. Now of course Man Utd aren't the same now as before but he's got a better chance there than Spurs. It's upto him now whether he wants to be a Matt le Tissier or a Teddy Sheringham.

  6. Real Madrid would be ideal but I don't think Perez is going to spend that much on a 30 year old. He's the ideal Benzema replacement for the short term.

  7. manutd? no thank you..We don't need bottlers at our club. We want hungry winning mentality young guns as our striker.. I think he have to go to Inter or Bayern that would suit him..

  8. Kane will stay at Tottenham. I hate when pundits and media want players to move to bigger teams. He cleary loves Tottenham

  9. Why do we say top scorer in prem history and not division 1 but count league titles and not just prem titles

  10. Kane's story is so much like Gerrard's story. Fortunately, Gerrard won UCL. Imagine if Gerrard didnt win anything, thats a saddest story ever. Just like Gerrard, Kane deserves a trophy after 14 years being the man at Spurs, being their top scorer n on the road to be England's no.1 top scorer. This would be even sadder story if Kane become England's no.1 top scorer but didnt win any trophy. Im sure wherever he goes, if he wins a trophy, Spurs would feel like they win it too.

  11. He’s already idolised at spurs, most don’t blame him for wanting to leave when he’s one of the best players in the world. If he stays at Tottenham for the rest of his career, then my opinion on Harry Kane will change drastically.

  12. I've never seen him perform in a big European night
    Ik spurs r shut but he gotta take some of the blame aswwll

  13. Of course Henry will say that, he left arsenal for barca just because of the ucl, he was also 29 when he left. So if there's anyone that'll understand this situation, it's him. The only difference is, Henry was reasonable priced, even for the time.

  14. Jamie : But will they spend £100m for a guy who is nearly 30?

    Qatari : We can pay £100m for a candy.

  15. pep should sell or loan haaland to real madrid (he still have a lot to learn) and sign kane, alvarez will learn a lot from him and takeover when he retires

  16. I think Chelsea would pay the 100mil. They do need a proper striker after freezing Auba out of the squad for god knows what.

  17. Kane is the type of player who could have thrived abroad but I think he'll go to Man Utd. He's nearly 30 but he'll still be top quality for a few years yet barring injury.

  18. Only 4 team's in England are gony win anything is liverpool Chelsea man city or United so thats his options city and liverpool dont need him and spurs won't sell him to Chelsea i think so Manchester United for me or Newcastle could spend big🤔🤔🤔

  19. Some players just like to be at one club. Gerrard, Le Tissier, Messi, and many other great players choose to stay at a club they love and happy with. He doesn't have to move if he doesn't want to. Players are still remembered for being top players despite not having trophies. Gary Neville has many trophies for instance…

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