The CR7 CLONE Who Ruined His Career Over A Girl


How good was Jesé Rodriguez actually? #GOAT
New video about one of the most talked about players we’ve seen over the 2010s in football. In this episode we take on Jesé Rodriguez who played for Real Madrid, PSG, Las Palmas and Stoke City for most of his career.

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00:34 From CR7 fan to CR7 teammate in the blink of an eye
3:24 Going Head To Head With Mourinho and Ancelotti
4:24 The Day Everything Began to Crumble
8:30 Ruining it all for a girl…
13:14 The lowest of the lows…

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  1. Lack of commitment, injury and unfocused. Never fulfilled his potential. Like bojan.

    One was compared to c Ronaldo. One was compared to messi. Both played for Stoke and failed.

  2. i remember when he first came to las palmas. he completely destroyed the team. we had chances to get to Europa league, until he started playing. we even tied 3-3 vs Madrid at Bernabéu, where he missed 2 clear chances

  3. I always wondered what happened with him. He was someone I thought would’ve had a great career but it just never worked out. Let this be a lesson to all men to stop messing around with girls. Be serious about who you want to be with and be serious about family. Jesé seems like a guy doing whatever he wants with no discipline

  4. Its awesome watching the vids ya make about players ive never even heard of or know only a little bit about!!

  5. Meeting that girl was the worst thing that ever happened to him. I'm pretty sure that even with injuries, he would have been a pretty good player, IF he managed to keep his head on straight. It was a shame, but, unfortunately, it's a common situation.

  6. Having so many children from a young age.
    Lacking drive in football.
    Being unfaithful with every chance.
    Playing with his career just to be with a woman.
    In summary: very talented but lacked discipline in every aspect of life.

  7. The injuries he got while still at Real Madrid was what ruined his career, from what I could tell. When he returned from rehabilitation, it was very evident that his agility and explosiveness had both declined quite drastically, and those two qualities were so important to his game. I wished him luck when he joined PSG, but I knew that he was never going to be the same player again.

  8. If Jesse was an African, everyone would say 19 wasn't his real age because of his hairline… but here we are today with no allegations or asking to do an MRI on him. Yet! Even black footballers given birth abroad will have rumors about not using their real age. 🌚

  9. This is partial truth probably as he had a serious injury that really stopped him and he was shipped abroad where he failed as he was not even a regular at Real. He also was only a rotation player at Madrid who peaked for one round only and Real was smart enough to cash in on him. This video is about his maybe possible potential that he actually never proved in a regular season. Real has been terrible with youth till Carlo came back and proved to become great with younger players at the end of his career. Not only Jese but Theo Hernandez, Eto years ago, Brahim Diaz, Javier Portillo, Morata at his peak when he came back and was great and they cashed in, Requilon, Odegaard, now Ceballos is already a wasted talent. The video is great but Jese was never even the level of players I mentioned. In his best round in Madrid he was visibly below quality of other starters. I think from what we actually saw it is the injury problem and poor tactical awareness were the issue. With wingers often now switching sides and cutting to the middle or moving up supporting the forwards, Jese looked like a winger from 20yrs ago often wasting time wide by the line – I doubt a woman made him lose the ball far away from the box out by the line constantly or pass poorly.

  10. Some of this footballers should really pick better women for their relationship. They are surrounded by women who I can only call parasites.

  11. Honestly, that chick ain't even pretty. All that she did have was a decent pair of tits. So, he half fucked his career for a decent pair of tits… The other half is due to that bad injury. It all comes down to mentality. You can have all the skill and physical atributes to be one of best ever, it means nothing if you don't have a stable mentality.

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