Ale Moreno faults both sides in Reyna-Berhalter dispute: 'Both have a MAJOR part in this!' | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Dan Thomas is joined by Steve Nicol, Ale Moreno and Jan Aage Fjortoft to discuss U.S. Soccer finding Gregg Berhalter eligible to coach men’s team after investigation into a dispute with Claudio and Gio Reyna.

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  1. My thought: Let Gio continue to play for the US National team and ban his family indefinitely from participating in USMNT activities in the future?

  2. Moreno has to constantly say now I’m not picking sides or defending Reyna but… it seems he might be picking sides and he’s trying to sound not so terrible but it’s not working. Sounds stupid trying to defend blackmail bc the kids good at football

  3. I don’t care about the history. Claudio should be fined and fired from his MLS team. Greg can’t come back as US coach. US needs a clean sheet. Let’s see if Reyna can perform without the helicopter parenting and soccer mom BS.

  4. As fans, we all wondered why Gio was not included since he is clearly the most talented #10 on the US squad. But at the end of the day, the coach makes the decisions and should never accept petulant behavior from a player least of all from parents at this level.

  5. What Jan said about them thinking they're helping their son but it's actually the opposite is very true.

  6. Greg can still be the coach and he and Gio can show the "adult" Reyna's how you move forward and get better. To be in Gio's shoes would not be fun, parents like that are disgusting.

  7. Manager can talk about players in public. Parents who have closeness to power cannot go and sabbotage the manager for that… This Gio is referred to as some sort of Pele or Messi. Ordinary player whose career is now marred by this absurd behavior.

  8. You can tell that Ale and Reyna are friends and/or cordial. He is staying on the fence by blaming both

  9. Is this a symptom of a wider issue in the US soccer team? Have they hovered over every coach throughout his career? Is the team that ends up at tournaments representative of the talent that is out there or is it a product of influential parents.

  10. What's up with Ale? I'm sure all players have parents who wants the best for their children but don't act like idiots.

  11. His parents are absolutely right what was the reason coach didnt play the most talented player in world cup????

  12. I can now understand why Gio Reyna has attitude problems. His parents need to be humbled and by that I mean their son isn't as good as they make him out to be

  13. Who cares, Greg has no control of the Locker room. Pepi, Hoppe, Pfok, Weston, etc have all had problems with Greg. Especially the German-Americans which I forgot to mentioned

  14. Did Claudio Reyna say anything wrong? I don’t condone his behavior but I admire his love for his son. Gio should’ve been playing and he wasn’t because Greg Berhalter has it out for his family, that’s the bottom line. Berhalter is incompetent laughingstock and didn’t belong in that position. We didn’t have any of these problems when Klinsmann was coach, the best players played and that was the end of it. Only well decorated foreign managers should be allowed to coach the usmnt.

  15. Ale you've lost it son. Usually agree with you, but you've lost it on this one. Well done Stevie until the end. You can absolutely have a USMNT squad without Reyna.

  16. Claudio Reyna and his wife are evil. I can’t put into words how much I detest those people Gio Reyna needs to go away from this team, and not return. He’s toxic.

  17. I couldn't imagine getting an invite to the World Cup and I'm supposed to be one of the best players on the team. Then the coach tells me before the World Cup I won't play much. He lost his attitude when this happened. Greg deserves to be fired there. Not sure why we support Greg.

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