NBA Fan Ranks Serie A Home Kits 20-21!! (Tier List)

Da Bronco makes a tier list for Serie A Home Kits!!

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NBA Fan reacts to and rates different Serie A Home Kits/Jerseys from the 2020/2021 season.

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  1. Man, you definitely have not a Euro taste for jerseys… Here people usually like it simple and traditional. Eg: I am a Juventus fan and I dislike the Juve shirt you placed on the top, too fancy. Instead, I love Sampdoria, Genoa and Bologna kits: so neat, so elegant. It's like pizzas: in Murica the more $h|t you place on 'em, the better. The average Italian, instead, likes his tomato and mozzarella straight. 😀

  2. 15:57 those arent 4 different sponsorships, there are only 2. the thing on the top left is the jersey „maker“ the „N“ is the club badge, the target in the middle is a little badge because they won the copa Nazionale last season and then Lete and MSC are the 2 Sponsors

  3. Sampdoria was formed when two clubs combined into one in 1946. They combined the names and the colors – that's why they have the red and black along with the blue and white.

  4. Haha yeah we all thought it was "strippers" at first but that's the Kappa logo it's actually a man and a woman and it signifies equality

  5. The founder of AC MILAN chose This color for this sentence:Red like fire and black like the fear we will instill on our opponents

  6. "No one wears purple"
    Me: Stares in Orlando City, Anderlecht, and a ton of bigger teams away/third kit for at least one season over last few years.

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