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  1. You can easily see from the comment sections that its mostly the Male feminists who wanna be a white knight who are trynna go after Greenwood. Not only is it pathetic considering the girl has a kid with him, it shows just why dumb fuck social media trials have become all the rage. Lil kids with unrestricted access to the internet becoming hyper woke and stop looking at tbe context

  2. The English media know how to kill people's careers! Even the Queen's husband beat the shit out of her but they never heard about it. This kid is back playing what he loves. Leave him alone.

  3. may Allah almighty help u in ur new club monshallahu Amin.

    It so surprising dat is getafe dat later trust u upon all de big club in Europe

  4. He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at Greenwood. I say to you that there are people in this comment section who've been accused of inappropriate behavior around women. Let the man breathe 😮‍💨😤😡😡

  5. The girl that filed the charges against him was supporting him during his presentation lmao I think she got pregnant right after they released him from prison too

  6. Shocking behaviour this is, we all heard the voice recording, his guilty and we all know it. No wonder there’s so much racism in football if stuff like this is brushed under the table

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