Will Milito Follow Mourinho to Madrid?

At the same time as a outcome of Jose Mourinho gossip that he would move to Real Madrid next season, so therefore one of his players, Diego Milito perhaps as well pointed out that he will leave the San Siro next season.

Milito is a third person as well as a following player who reveals with the intention of he perhaps leave Inter in the season ahead of time. Initially, just Jose Mourinho stating with the intention of he would move to Real Madrid next season. Not long before, spin to Douglas Maicon who as well declared that he might go along the coach’s company to El Real. Now, go the mainstay Inter striker, Diego Milito, who confirmed with the intention of he too would go along his coach to Los Blancos.

«In football, you in no way know what will take place in the upcoming. Now I get an offer which is very valuable and we’ll find out what will take place soon,» Milito said

Curiously, the striker who became important victory in the final of the Champions League Inter Milan versus Bayern Munenchen it suddenly turned 180 degrees as he publicly welcomed Inter Milan in Italy on Sunday (23 / 5) morning local time. Ex-Real Zaragoza striker revealed with the intention of he will complete his contract left behind in the first three years Nerazzuri.

«My contract still left behind three seasons and I will stay at Inter,» Milito supposed on Sky Sport 24.

Some Italian media alleged with the purpose of what was alleged on Sky Sport Milito is a tall tale. Because, Jose Mourinho was not in attendance by the celebration event held to salutation the arrival of Inter skuat I Nerazzuri in Italy and supposed of Mou is negotiating to bring his favorite player was to Madrid if «The Special One» really encouraged.

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Chelsea agree in signing €40 million-rated Ligue 1 midfielder this summer

Chelsea are angling for a summer swoop for AS Monaco’s midfield sensation Aurelien Tchouameni this summer.

According to Goal, Aurelien Tchouameni has become a major transfer target for Chelsea this summer. The AS Monaco midfielder has impressed the onlookers with his marvellous breakthrough in Ligue 1 this season and could cost around €40 million this summer.

A product of the Bordeaux youth academy, Tchouameni has enjoyed a rapid rise to prominence at Monaco, under the leadership of Niko Kovac. The former Frankfurt head coach has moulded him into a solid central midfielder, using his technical prowess and dynamism to solidify the second line of press.

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He-Man Action Figures: Cartoon Series History

When He-Man first hit television screens in 1983, it took the cartoon world by storm. First and foremost, it was the first cartoon series directed at children that had a collection of toys, the He-Man action figures to accompany it. Generally, advertising directed at children was heavily censored so that the makers of the He-Man action figures, Mattel, used the cartoon to promote the brand was considered innovative at the time.

Also it was the first cartoon that had a certain amount of violence. Up until that point, cartoons typically fitted the Tom & Jerry slapstick mould but He-Man had a cast of characters and stayed true to its comic book origins. To get around the strict censorship concerning violence in children’s cartoons, most of the episodes ended with a ‘moral of the story’ or ‘life lesson’ to justify the story lines.

It was also the first cartoon to be produced for syndication, which meant that for the first series a bulk of 65 episodes were made, which meant the show could be broadcast across thirteen weeks which allowed it to build its fan base and establish the brand. This series was hugely popular and before long every child in the UK and the USA wanted their own collection of He-Man action figures.

It is also thought that the series was one of the cheaper cartoons to produce when in fact it was the most expensive animation production of its time. However, the cast of voices that were used were kept to a minimum, so for example a woman named Linda Gary provided all the voices for all the female characters.

The production company that Mattel used for the first series was Filmation and when they decided to convert the story into a cartoon, they decided to expand the storyline to make way for a new range of He-Man action figures.

The story begins in Eternia where Prince Adam / He-Man lives with his parents, King Randor and Queen Marlena. Prince Adam is considered by all who know him as lazy, clumsy and generally useless. However, the prince has a secret power which the Sorceress of Grayskull who lives in Castle Grayskulls endows upon him.

When he lifts his magic sword, with the words, «By the power of Grayskull! I have the power!» the prince is transformed into He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe. The story line of the fist series is concerned with protecting Eternia from the evil Skeletor who is determined to steal the power of Castle Grayskull.

When Mattel wanted to extend the range of He-Man action figures, they looked to He-Man’s sister, Adora who was kidnapped at birth and raised by the evil Hordak. She also has special powers and transforms into She-Ra.

After She-Ra, the creators of He-Man looked to the past for inspiration. So the next series of He-Man is based in Preternia, which is ancient Eternia. This series explains the origins of He-Man, how he got his special powers and was also the inspiration for a whole new range of He-Man action figures.

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Korean Series: An Escape to Fantasy

Breakthrough of Korean Series:

Korean Series, also known as Korean Dramas or K-dramas, are television series in the Korean language based in South Korea. K-dramas became popular worldwide in the early 2000s due to its Korean pop culture, also known as Hallyu/Korean Wave, and far-fetched plot twists. However, the Korean entertainment industry started booming when «Gangnam Style» by PSY hit YouTube like a tsunami. Also, Oscar-winning Korean movies like «Parasite» have spiked the growth of K-dramas all over the world. Korean dramas can go from being extremely emotional to incredibly heart-breaking to «OMG, what was that?» in a heartbeat. This is exactly what keeps the viewers coming back for more. Like any other television series, K-dramas also have many different genres such as rom-coms, historical dramas that promote Korean culture, office politics, family dramas, school life, and even horror comedies.

Korean Series: A Mental Break during the Pandemic:

Fans worldwide go head over heels for K-dramas since they help them go into the «la-la land» of romance. While K-dramas are fictional and may never happen in real life, they are still something you can believe has a possibility of happening. In other words, it’s a fantasy escape for K-fans of all age groups. During the ongoing pandemic, K-dramas seem to have had their biggest breakthroughs in India because more people found extra time and an inclination to explore contents that help them escape from the anxiety of what’s going on around them. For many youngsters, it is not only a favorite time during this pandemic but is also something that motivates them to learn the language.

The widespread craze for K-dramas led to their availability via streaming services along with subtitles in multiple languages across all over the world. Rakuten Viki, a U.S.-based Korean drama-dominated streaming platform, has witnessed an escalation in the number of K-drama viewers. OTT platforms like Netflix have also adapted this Hallyu trend and have picked up dramas like» It’s Okay To Not Be Okay,» «Start-up,» «Vincenzo,» «Crash Landing On You,» etc. Gone are those days when K-dramas were criticized for commonly used themes of love triangle/affairs or a working-class woman and a rich man being romantic. The industry is set to take unusual to the next level, blending traditional values with Western individualism and materialism. Korean dramas today mostly illustrate a meaningful message to tackle issues of Korean society such as school bullying, mental illness, corruption, classism, racism, etc.

Soundtrack and Cinematography:

The best part about K-dramas is that they emphasize high visuals and aesthetics. Also, the background soundtrack acts as a cherry on top. Being an outsider, it’s difficult to understand the language, but the melody surely hits the right chord. Even if the character isn’t speaking a word in a scene, the location, soundtrack, and background add sense to the scene so beautifully that the viewer anticipates being there.

The Influence of K-Dramas:

The craze for K-dramas has also played a pivotal role in promoting the Korean language, culture, and food. The influence of Korean culture has escalated beyond the entertainment industry. At present, a shift away from the Western-style makeup trends to K-beauty led to the growth of Korean-based commercial brands such as «Innisfree». Interestingly, there’s also been a spike in the number of active learners of the Korean language-«hanguk.»

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Ligue 1 2021-22 Season Prediction | Will PSG or Lille come out on top?

The start of the 2021-22 Ligue 1 football season has come upon us fast, with Lille looking to replicate their incredible success from last time out in putting an end to Paris Saint-Germain’s most recent run of titles at just three successive championships.

It has been all change at the helm in Lille, although Jocelyn Gourvennec began his reign perfectly with victory over PSG in the Trophee des Champions. So does our prediction model, courtesy of the AI team at Stats Perform, give Les Dogues hope of back-to-back titles or will it be PSG, Lyon, Monaco or someone else’s turn for success? Watch this video to find out what our pre season prediction says.

If you want to read more ahead of the Ligue 1 season, then check our preview on The Analyst – – with a focus on the great young talent in the French top flight.

Also, follow our Twitter account – – for all the latest insights from across the sporting world.

A brief explanation of our league prediction model

– The model estimates the probability of each match outcome (win, draw or loss) given each team’s attacking and defensive quality.

– The team’s attacking and defensive qualities are based on four years of historic results, with more weighting given to their most recent results.

– The model will take into account the quality of the opposition that a team scores or concedes against and reward them accordingly. For example, scoring against Manchester City is worth more than scoring vs. Newcastle.

– We can simulate the upcoming matches using goal predictions from the Poisson distribution with the two teams’ attacking and defending qualities as inputs.

– Finally, we simulate the outcome of the season 10,000 times in order to estimate the likelihood of each team finishing in each league position.

The teams competing in Ligue 1 in the 2021-22 season:
Angers, Bordeaux, Brest, Clermont, Lens, Lille, Lorient, Lyon, Marseille, Metz, Monaco, Montpellier, Nantes, Nice, Paris Saint-Germain, Reims, Rennes, Saint-Etienne, Strasbourg, Troyes

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The start of the 2021/2022 Ligue 1 season has come upon us fast with Lille hoping to replicate their success from last campaign – when they ended Paris Saint-Germain most recent run of titles at just three successive championships.

But following a change in management at the Stade Pierre-Mauroy, does our predictor model give them hope of achieving back-to-back success?

Well…the short answer is no. Our model, powered by the AI Teams at Stats Perform, are giving Paris Saint-Germain a 79.5% chance of winning the Ligue 1 title and handing Mauricio Pochettino his first league success as a manager.

So how do we come to this conclusion?

Well our model estimates the probability of each match outcome, based on each team’s attacking and defensive quality – which is based on four years worth of historic results, with more weighting given to their most recent results and also taking into account the quality of opponent.

From there, our super computer takes over simulating the outcomes over and over again, 10, 000 times in fact in order to estimate the likelihood of each team finishing in each league position.

So after all of that – our model is pointing to PSG being crowned champions, equalling Saint Etienne’s record of 10 Ligue 1 titles, with Lille the most likely side to finish second with a 42% chance.

We do also give some hope of success to fans of Lyon and Monaco, but that’s about it, and perhaps it isn’t too much of a surprise. Of the last 20 Ligue 1 titles, these four clubs have shared 18 of them.

Well, if you that’s whetted your appetite then you can read more ahead of the new campaign right now by visiting TheAnalyst.com – home of data-driven storytelling.

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8 Steps to Producing a Cartoon Series

This article describes the process of getting the green light to produce a cartoon animated series from scratch. I am leaving out the details of raising funds for the project as that is an entire book by itself, but nevertheless this should give you a good idea of what it takes for a cartoon series to get produced.

1. Decide on a theme and the foundation of your cartoon series

2. Think of the different characters that would make up your cartoon series

3. Engage a good cartoon scriptwriter to develop a pilot script and a set of synopsis based on your theme and idea. You would also want him to describe your characters in detail and breathe life into them. An experienced writer would know exactly what broadcasters are looking for and deliver an ace. I won’t advise you to do this yourself unless you are an experienced writer. I also would not recommend you to get a scriptwriter who writes for TV dramas as the genre is quite different.

4. Get a good design or animation house to design a set of characters for your cartoon series. Make sure that these characters are cute, unique, likeable and merchandisable – meaning that people would find them so cute that they want to make them into products! Alternatively, you can also go the edgy way, in which case the characters can look so cool that people just want to have them.

5. Compile the pilot script, synopsis, character designs, prop designs and various illustrations and you will have yourself what is called a character bible.

6. With a character bible, you can approach an animation house and ask them to produce a teaser or a pilot episode based on the series. A teaser is a 3-5 minute short of example how the cartoon series would likely run. A pilot episode is basically a sample episode from the series. For the pilot, never pick the first episode. Pick a middle episode because that will be more representative of how the cartoon series would usually look like. It would be better to engage an animation house who has done this before and make sure they explain their procedure to you.

7. From here, you can take two routes. The first route would be to approach a distribution company. The teaser or pilot would allow a distribution company to assess where they could sell your show and how marketable it is. They could gauge how confident they are in selling your show and if they want to distribute your show. If they do decide they want to represent your cartoon, they would provide a distribution plan and revenue projection. You should not sign any contract at this point because you can’t guarantee production of the show yet. You should instead ask for a letter of interest from the distributor. With this letter of interest you can approach investors to show them that a distributor would take your show. It would help a lot if the distributor is well-known and reputable of course. This is an indication from an industry expert that your show is marketable. With investors on board you can approach an animation company to ask them to produce your show.

8. The second route you can take is to go to an animation company or a TV station to ask them if they would be interested to produce your show. If your concept is really good and they are in need of a show like yours, they might just decide to take on your concept and develop it. You could then negotiate for a royalty for the use of your concept, or even to be a producer or executive producer onboard the production team. This is all negotiable. It is also entirely possible for you to approach an animation company or TV station with just your character bible without your teaser, or even without a full bible. It has happened before, but the success rate declines dramatically with the lack of each marketing tool.

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PES 2021 – PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN  vs RENNES – Ligue 1 uber eats | Part 27 | Epd



Tingkat Difficult = Profesional

Konten ini mengikuti alur Master league pes2021 playstation 4

Memakai Suara asli fans supporter PSG
Memakai Suara asli fans supporter RENNES
Dan juga kecepatan keseluruhan Normal
yakni kecepatan berlari, kecepatan umpan Bola, seperti Video Pertandingan Bola Aslinya

sementara ini kami masih proses pengembangan untuk Video selanjutnya untuk lebih nyaman di lihat penonton di tv, laptop atau hp smartphone


Striker player Timnas Indonesia
18. Danny. F telah masuk/ dibeli tim Raksasa PSG

Guardiola Menjadi pelatih sekaligus manager yang baru di PSG, dan Akan memakai Formasi 4-3-3 dan Merubah tim lini depan,tengah dan belakang, Yakni dengan mengganti sebagian pemain sebelumnya menjadi pemain bintang berkelas dunia dan berkualitas Tinggi agar tim PSG Banyak memenangkan trofi2 kelas eropa dan dunia,

Pertandingan Ke 11 Ligue 1 uber eats antara PSG VS RENNES

Siapakah yang akan Menang, saksikan terus video nya, yakni sesuai jadwal Master League untuk pertandingan seterusnya jika kalah maka akan tetap ditayangkan terus
Pemain tim lini PSG ini adalah

Danny. F (CF)
C.Ronaldo (CF)
Messi (CF)
E. Hazard (CMF)
Di maria (CMF)
Sergio Ramos (DMF)
Marcelo (DMF)
J.Boateng (DMF)
L Kurzawa (CB)
T.Kehrer (CB)
Navas (GK)


Sergio Rico (GK)
Gareth Bale
Navas (kurang Sehat)
Neymar (kurang sehat)

Messi (Cedera)
Mbape (Cedera)

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Soccer Betting – How To Make A Profit

Home In On The Best Picks And Tips From Hundreds Each Week:

Many football (soccer to our American friends) picks and tips sites provide only a few picks/tips a week, some only one, with many charging huge amounts for the privilege. In this article I will show you how to get the very best from hundreds of free and low cost picks and tips every week by answering these four questions.

What if you were able to pick the absolute best picks from hundreds of weekly picks/tips greatly increasing your chances of success?

What if those picks/tips are chosen based on the past performance of similar picks/tips and those picks/tips are all created using a combination of several tried and tested statistical methods?

What if you could know whether draw predictions, home predictions or away predictions are more successful for the English Premier League, the Italian Serie A, the German Bundesliga, or many other leagues across Europe?

What if you could do it all for FREE or very low cost?

Well now you can. If you’re interested then read on.

Some Tips Are Better Than Others:

Using well established statistical methods along with automated software it’s possible to generate hundreds of soccer tips every week for many leagues, theoretically you could cover all of the major leagues in the world. So what, why would you want to do that? Surely many of the tips will be grossly inaccurate but on the other hand many will be correct so how can you determine which will be successful and which not? It would be much better to just concentrate on one or two matches and predict their outcome by intensive and careful focused analysis.

On the face of it the above responses that I have seen over the years have some merit and deserve careful consideration, there is a good argument for focussed analysis of a single match with the aim of trying to predict its outcome. However, consider this, when a scientist runs a statistical analysis how many data items do they select as a representative sample? One, two… or more? When carrying out statistical analysis the more data you have to work on the better the outcome. For example,if you wanted to calculate the average height of a class of school children you could just take the first two or three as a sample. But if they are all six feet tall they are going to be highly unrepresentative so obviously you would get all their heights and calculate the average from those, the result is a much more accurate answer. It’s a simplistic example but hopefully you see my point. Obviously you can apply that argument to a single match by collecting past results for each side and carrying out statistical analysis techniques using that data, but why restrict your analysis to that one match?

We know that if we make hundreds of automated tips, based on sound tried and tested statistical methods, that some will be successful and others won’t. So how do we target in on the best tips, the ones most likely to be correct, and how do we do it week after week? Well, the answer is to keep a record of how each and every tip performs, some tips are better than others and we want to know which ones. At this stage, if your thinking how can I possibly calculate all of that information for every game, in every league I want to cover, and do it every week, then don’t worry I’ll show you how it’s all done for you at the end of the article.

Results Are Not Always The Same:

Simply keeping a record of how each of the hundreds of tips we make actually perform against the eventual result is not enough, what we need now is a way of analysing that data and grouping it logically to get the best from it. Results are not always the same, in other words a tip that shows one possible outcome for match A and the same possible outcome for match B will not necessarily produce the same result (i.e. a correct prediction or a wrong prediction). Why is this? Well there are hundreds of reasons why and you will never be able to account for them all, if you could you would no doubt be a millionaire. When trying to predict the outcome of a match you may look at such qualitative things as the current injury list of each team, the team sheet, morale of the players, etc. We can also look at Quantitative factors using our statistical methods to predict the outcome of the match, so we may look at such things as past performance, position in the league, or more tried and tested statistical methods such as the Rateform method. We can use all of this information to predict the outcome of match A and the outcome of match B and still not have the same result, part of the reason for this is, as explained before, that we can not account for all the factors in a match, it’s impossible. But there’s something else, something we can account for which we have not yet thought about.

When we look at one match in isolation we only look at the factors concerning each of the two teams in the match, but why not expand this to look at how the other teams they have played are also performing? ‘Why would we want to do that?’ I hear some of you say. Because results are not always the same. Let’s say our prediction for match A and match B is a home win (forgetting about the predicted score for the moment). What else can we take into account to improve the prediction of a home win? We can look at the performance of all the home win tips made for the same competition that the match is being played in and then make a judgement based on that new information. This is great as it gives us an extra factoring level to take into account that we did not have before.

Looking across all the home win predictions in a single league will give us a percentage success rate for home wins for that particular league, but we can improve on this even further. We can do this by doing the exact same exercise across many different leagues and obtaining a percentage success rate for each league. This means we can now look for the league which produces the best overall home win prediction success rate and look for home win predictions for the coming fixtures. By default we know that that league is more likely to produce a successful outcome for a home prediction than any other. Of course we can employ this technique for away win and draw predictions as well.

How Tight Is The League?:

Why does this difference between the leagues occur? As with trying to predict the outcome of a single match there are many factors that make up this phenomenon, but there are just a few major factors that influence why one league should produce more home wins through a season than another. The most obvious of these could be described as the ‘tightness’ of the league. What do I mean by ‘tightness’? In any league there is often a gap in the skills and abilities of those teams consistently at the top of the league and those at the bottom, this is often expressed as a ‘difference in class’. This difference in class varies markedly between different leagues with some leagues being much more competitive than others due to a closer level of skills throughout the league, ‘a tight league’. In the case of a tight league the instances of drawn games will be more noticeable than with a ‘not so tight league’ and home wins will most likely be of a lower frequency.

So, let’s say we are interested in predicting a home win, armed with our new information about the ‘tightness’ of leagues we could make predictions for matches throughout a season for as many leagues as we can manage, and watch how those predictions perform in each league. You will find that the success of the predictions will closely match the ‘tightness’ of a particular league, so where a particular league produces more home wins then we will have more success with our home predictions. Don’t be misled, this does not mean that just because there are more home wins we are bound to be more accurate, what I am taking about is a success rate in percentage terms of the number of home predictions made which has nothing directly to do with how many actual home wins there are. For example, let’s say we make one hundred home predictions in league A and one hundred in league B, and let’s say that seventy five percent are correct in league A but only sixty percent in league B. We have made the same number of predictions in each league with differing results, and those difference are most likely due to the ‘tightness’ of each league. League B will be a ‘tight’ league with more teams having similar levels of ‘class’, whereas league A has a wider margin of class when it comes to the teams within it. Therefore we should pick out the best performing league concerning home wins and make our home win selections from that league.

We Have To Be Consistent:

Of course there is more to it than that. It’s no good just taking each tip and recording how it performed we have to apply the same rules to each and every tip made. You have to make sure that the parameters you set for each predictive method you use (e.g. Rateform, Score Prediction, etc.) remain constant. So choose your best settings for each method and stick to them for each and every prediction, for every league, and for the whole season. You must do this in order to retain consistency of predictions within leagues, between leagues, and over time. There is nothing stopping you using several different sets of parameters as long as you keep the data produced from each separate.

If you are wondering what the parameters are then take the Rateform method as an example. Using this method we produce an integer number that represents the possible outcome of a match (I’m not going to go into detail about the Rateform method here as that’s the subject of another of my articles). You can set break points that represent a home win and an away win, so if the resulting rateform output for a match is higher than the upper breakpoint then that match could be deemed a home win. Similarly, if the resulting rateform output for a match is lower than the lower breakpoint then that match could be deemed as an away win. Anything that falls in-between is deemed a draw.

Footyforecast.com (now 1X2Monster.com) has been delivering this kind of information, week in week out, on its website since 1999. It covers eighteen leagues across Europe including; English Premiership, Scottish Premiership, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga, Dutch Eredivisie, Spain, France, to name but a few. A total of seven different statistical methods are used to determine the outcome of each game played in each league, and a comprehensive record of how each method in each game performed is kept. Apart from how each tip performed within its respective league Footyforecast also provides the league tables of how each league has performed in successfully predicting outcomes of games. The league tables of prediction performance are produced for home win predictions, draw predictions, away win predictions, and for overall predictions and are invaluable tools to the soccer punter when deciding where to target their European soccer predictions.

So there you have it. Hopefully I have shown you how to target in on the best leagues in order to raise your chances of success when predicting 1X2 results, and, although I offer no guarantees, I’m fairly confident that this method will improve your profits.

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Manchester United agree to sign 21-year-old Ligue 1 centre-back netherlands international

Man United have stepped up their pursuit of Sven Botman. Red Devils has already approached the representatives of the Lille centre-back, who has emerged as the main alternative for top target Raphael Varane.

It appears Red Devils have reached an impasse with Real Madrid over talks regarding their star defensive asset, with the PL unwilling to meet La Liga giants‘ hefty £60m demands.

U21 Netherlands international, as a result, has been identified as the desired alternative for the French defender and is a much more realistic option for Man United, with Lille likely to offload the centre-back in the upcoming summer transfer window.

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Pep Guardiola’s Love Affair With Barca Continues

Whichever way you look at it, Pep Guardiola’s first season in charge at Barcelona has been a phenomenal success.

On Wednesday, he became the youngest manager to ever lead a team to Champions League success, and in doing so, he rounded off the Spanish treble: the La Liga title, the Copa del Rey and the Champions League in one season. Not bad for a 38-year-old manager who is currently managing his first ever professional side.

Josep or ‘Pep’ was born in Barcelona in 1971. His footballing talent was became evident from an early age and he spent six years coming through the ranks at Barcelona’s youth academy, planter Barcelonista. He made his senior debut in La Liga in 1990, aged just 21. Under Johan Cruyff, Guardiola – playing as a commanding defensive midfielder – soon went on to become an integral part of their squad.

In total, he spent eleven successful years in Barca’s first team, and was a key player in leading the club to their first ever European Cup triumph in 1992. He was made Barcelona captain in 1997 by then manager, Louis van Gaal.

In 2001, he left Spain for Italy and joined Serie A club, Brescia for a season, where he made 11 appearances, scoring two goals. The following season he moved to AS Roma for another season, where he only featured four times.

Unfortunately, his time in Italy was surrounded by controversy when he was forced to serve a four-month ban for testing positive for steroids. But thankfully just two years ago in 2007, his appeal against the charges was successful, and he was cleared.

Guardiola retired from professional football in May 2006, but spent little time away from the game – and Barcelona. He was appointed manager of Barca’s ‘B’ team a year later in the summer of 2007.
And before the end of his first season in charge of Barca’s second string, it was announced that he would succeed Frank Rijkaard as Barcelona manager at the start of this season.

What Guardiola has achieved in his first season in charge at Barca is nothing short of remarkable. The style of play he has implemented this season has been largely focused on possession and passing and movement. And when his side click into gear, it is beautiful to watch.

The way in which his team so outclassed Manchester United in the Champions League final on Wednesday proved to be a thrilling climax to an already memorable debut season. The question now is: how can he possibly do better next season? Simple, really. Do it all again.

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